Large Famous Bronze Observatory Fountain Outdoor Park for Sale BOKK-945

Large Famous Bronze Observatory Fountain Outdoor Park

You Fine Art Gallery could offer different styles of high quality bronze fountains. This Bronze Observatory Fountain is big, it’s mainly placed outdoor for squares, park, hotel, or etc. Please contact us to get the discount price.
Item No: BOKK-945
Size: Life Size or Customized
Material: Metal bronze
Place of Origin: Hebei,China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptable
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Technique: Lost Wax Process

Product introduction

Bronze water fountain sculptures Introduction:

The bronze Observatory Fountain is known as the Fountain of the Four Corners of the World. This Bronze water fountain sculptures is a famous fountain with special meaning, the original bronze fountain stands in the Marco Polo Garden in the Luxembourg Garden. There are eight bronze horses on the bottom base, each two horses face to one direction. The four women statues are the representatives of the four parts of the world, Europe, Asia, Africa and America. They are twisting their bodies to turn the sphere, giving the sculpture motion. In the water pool, there are some turtles surrounding the fountain and spray water to the center.


Large Famous Bronze Observatory Fountain Outdoor Park for Sale

Bronze Water Fountain Sculptures Process:

Lost wax is the traditional method to make the Bronze water fountain sculptures. All the bronze sculptures need to make a 1:1 clay model, which is the first and necessary step. Next cast the clay model to plaster or silicone model. Then pour the melted paraffin wax into a plaster or silicone model, after the paraffin is cooled down, it will become the wax model. The bronze sculpture will be exactly the same as the wax model, so our professional workers will fix the details on the wax model according to the original design, in this way, we could make the bronze fountain is exactly same as the original design as customers’ request.

Famous Bronze Observatory Fountain Outdoor Park for Sale BOKK-945

Large Famous Bronze Observatory Fountain Outdoor Park for Sale BOKK-945

More Bronze Fountain Option:

We have various designs of Bronze fountain, such as animal fountain, male or female fountain, mermaid fountains, angel fountain, kids or cherub fountain, beautiful lady holding flower pot fountain, and so on. A variety of beautiful designs and different sizes allow you to find your favorite. Because these bronze water fountains all use high-quality bronze metal raw materials, they would not rust even if they are exposed to water every day.

Bronze Fountains Outdoor Park for Sale

The Bronze water fountain sculptures is very popular for personal garden, public park, hotel, castle, resort and many other places. It’s not only for outdoor decoration, but also attractive for indoor. Normally, the water could make people relax, sometimes, it could help people to find inspiration and have new innovate on their own enterprises.  So do not hesitate to choose your favorite products, please feel free to contact us for our beautiful prices.

Large Famous Bronze Fountain Outdoor Park

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